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Confession Is Good For The Soul

by Ms. Ryan of

There is a reason that the confession of sins or secrets, be they in private or to another person, is a thread that runs right through the middle of more than one major religion. Confession is indeed good for the soul, even if you aren't the religious sort. That's one of the reasons that therapy exists in the secular world, after all. A burden shared is a burden halved and so forth.

There are, however, some secrets that you might not wish to share with your therapist or your priest. It's probably not the sort of thing they'd look favorably upon, let's say. Well, that's what you have women like me for. You're not likely to shock me, for one. And for another, you may find that having your secret out there might lead to some enjoyable things you might not have imagined before you confessed.

Forget confessing to a religious figure or a medical professional. Confess to a Goddess instead. We have the power to make things happen for you...which is certainly more than your pasty old priest can say.

Nevertheless, you'll almost surely find that once you let your shameful (to you) secret out, you'll feel a sense of relief. You won't have to be the only one with this knowledge any longer. You can share it with another, discuss it, and be grateful that you're no longer lonely with your burden.

Your Secret is Safe With Your Mistress

And once your secret is out to your Mistress, you'll also have the added benefit of knowing that the terrible burden of keeping it is no longer on your shoulders. You've put your confession in her hands, and now it's up to her what she does with it. You don't have to worry about accidentally revealing it to someone else or trying to hide your physical reactions when someone mentions something in your presence that hits a little too close to home. The secret will be hers now, not yours, and that peace of mind alone is enough to make the whole thing worth it.

Confessing to Mistress is Good for You

But even those are not the only benefits you'll reap. If this deep, dark secret fantasy is your Mistress's to keep, it'll also be hers to do what she wants with it. She is resourceful, so if what she wants is to make that fantasy come true, all you'll have to do is obey her. She will take care of the rest. You'll only be doing what she wants, not truly acting on your own desires. That will absolve you from any guilt you might feel afterwards for indulging in this shameful fantasy. You were only following orders, after all, like any good subordinate would.

So don't keep carrying that burden alone. Let it out, and your Goddess will provide for you. There is nothing to be afraid of. Step into the confessional booth, pour out your soul, and see how much lighter you'll feel afterwards....