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You know your sexual thoughts, your desires, are not mainstream. Early on you knew your thoughts were something to be hidden away, what would people think if they knew? Maybe you tried to tell a trusted friend, or lover about these thoughts and it didn't go well.

Or maybe you are worried about rejection or humiliation over your desires and haven't even been able to utter them out-loud.

That is why you are here. Why you need me. Open and accepting, confessing to me feels good. To know you are not alone, that there is someone who understands what you crave. Someone who wants to indulge your fantasy, or merely just listen.

To some, the act of telling a beautiful woman like me their naughtiest thoughts is a thrill for them. It adds excitement to their routine masturbatory sessions, to share such intimate thoughts. There you are, nervous yet excited. You've decided to call, and as your call is being connected you have a moment of panic, what are you doing? You've thought about this for a long time, to tell someone about your feelings, your needs but now that time is at hand and you are not sure if you can go through with it, or if you should! What if's swim around your brain, what if she ......... then there I am, Hello this is Erika!. Your heart pounding you whisper, Hi Erika. I can barely hear you, bad connection? You clear your throat and hear me say: What's your name? Heart beating faster you tell me, you are out of breath and I take pity on you. Either you are nervous as hell, or have just run a marathon! Then I purr........ so what naughty things have you been thinking about today? My voice is playful and eager, I want to know! It's now or never, you force yourself to talk, only single words at first but as I listen and encourage you become more emboldened, more confident this is what you want, what you need to do. Purge yourself of your perverted thoughts, share them and unburden your mind. Find out, from my replies and responses if your thoughts, your fantasies can be assuaged, and their torment of your mind calmed.

Do you want a safe place to play, to share your naughtiness? Do you want to see where those thoughts take you? We can go anywhere your mind allows, and no one is the wiser. Discrete is what you need, and what I offer. I think it's sexy to have naughty secrets. I'm honored that I am the one you decided to share with. Call me, tell me. I want to know your dirty little secrets!

Mistress Erika





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